Quality Assurance and Control


Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Total Quality Management is an essential core value for Griffin Energy to the achievement of business excellence and service.

Griffin Energy has a documented and fully implemented policy for Quality Assurance and Quality Control with the aim to maintain the highest standards of quality in the implementation of our projects.

This policy has been instrumental in achieving the company objective of satisfying all its customers by:

➢          Preventing nonconformity of construction materials & equipment at all stages, from production to site installation.
➢          To maintain the quality that confirms to the client’s contractual quality assurances & requirement.
➢          To supply confirming to the established design.

The adherence of this QA/QC policies, procedures & associated documents is mandatory for all employees and is expended to suppliers and sub-contractors as well.

In addition, the Quality Assurance & Quality Control System generates records to confirm that client’s requirements are being followed & met.

Quality Manager is responsible for the implementation of QA/QC policies & Procedures and to makes sure that they are being made known & understood by all staff. Quality Manager has been well supported by a team of QA/ QC engineers who are qualified, trained & experienced, thereby ensuring that the primary objective of satisfying the customers is served without compromise.


  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Assurance plans are prepared for each project covering all aspects of the work. Plans are based on the standard library & are adapted to suit each project. These ensure complete integration within the company QA system and allow greater control in implementation. The plan includes coordination of procedures and responsibilities of all parties involved at the engineering, procurement, construction & commission stages.

    The plan covers all critical activities & include, but is not limited to the following:

The company & project organization, authorities & responsibilities of each section and the interface between various sections.
The sequence & responsibilities for production of documentation for engineering, procurement, construction & commissioning.
Verification that vendors are capable and available to provide equipment and material that meet & exceed the requirements of the project.
List of codes, standards & procedures to be used.
Adherence to schedule.
Points where formal approvals must be obtained prior to proceeding.
Traceability of materials.
Conformity verification.
Internal & sub-contractor audit.
  • Quality Control
  • The level of QC inspection & testing is dependent upon the type & the standard of product and/or as required by the client.

    Incoming materials & equipment is not released for site installation until verification is done that they confirm to the specified requirement.

Final inspection & testing

The QC final inspection & testing of materials  & equipment is carried out in accordance with the documented procedure to ensure conformance to the specified contractual specification. The final inspection will include a check that all specified requirements are met. Records are maintained to show evidence that the materials or equipment have passed and/or the installation is in accordance with the acceptable criteria.


Inspection & test result status

The inspection & test results of materials & equipment are identified by use of marking, tags, labels, inspection records, physical location or other suitable means which indicate the conformance or non-conformance of product with regards to inspection performed. The identification of inspection, workshop fabrication and site installation of the product that has passed the required inspection & tests are released from stock to be used or installed. Records are maintained for all inspections & test carried out.


Control of QA/QC inspection & Test Results Records

Griffin Energy Construction Division’s QA/QC system has been established to maintain procedures for identification, collection, indexing, filing, storage & maintenance of quality records. QA/QC records are maintained to demonstrate the effective operation of the quality system. These records are stored in such a manner that they are readily retrievable and protected against damage or loss. Where contractually agreed, the client or his representative will have the quality assurance & quality control records available for evaluation for an agreed period of time.




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