• Yemen oil & Gas Company, Construction Yemen

    Remote Sites

    Oil and Gas infrastructures from the most remote mountains and deserts of Yemen to the modern facilities in Qatar.

  • Yemen oil & Gas Company, Construction Yemen

    We take the environment issues seriously

    Compliance and monitoring in remote locations and challenging environments.

  • Yemen oil & Gas Company, Construction Yemen

    Multinational Workforce

    Managing a multinational expert workforce with successful timely execution of complex projects.

Total-Schlumberger, Dove Energy, Canadian Nexen, Total E&P ( details )

Drilling of water wells, oil pipeline upgrades, roads maintenence, brigdes, and various other works

Arab Iron & Steel Corporation, Free Trade Zone, Aden, Yemen ( details )

Steel Factory Facilities, Building Construction & Installation Services.

Total E&P Maintenance of Roads and Airstrip Project ( details )

Atuf and Kharir, Hadramout, Total E&P - Yemen.